One Bet Strategy with Parimatch Bangladesh: Tips and Tricks

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Statistically, single bets are significantly more profitable over the long haul than when compared to expresses. Making one bet strategy at Parimatch Bangladesh, the risk of losing money is minimal, so it becomes quite profitable to use them. That’s why we have specially dedicated this review to One Bet Strategy – it will be interesting!

Meaning of the Term

A one bet is the most common type of single bet. It involves betting on the result of a particular sporting event. The user of a betting site can bet on the victory of one of the teams (or a player – depending on the sport) or a draw. But only if such a variant of the result is provided by the operator’s rules.

Ordinal bets reflect the basic idea of betting on sports – predicting the outcome of a particular event and the possibility of making a profit if the forecast is correct. It is important to remember that before betting it is recommended to analyse statistics, form of teams or athletes, news and other factors that may affect the outcome of the event.

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Choose the Ordinals

If you want to choose the right, and most importantly, profitable strategy – you should bet on ordinals. Don’t chase quantity – betting in a bunch can only drain your money as quickly as possible. The optimal number of bets for a beginner – no more than 5-7 (within a month).

Also you should be absolutely sure that these bets will be winning – analyse, calculate, try new strategies. Do not spray on a large number of sports – leave only 1-2, where your knowledge will be at the right level and you will be excellent in the chosen topic.

So, if you know football – do not bet on hockey. If you know cricket, don’t bet on tennis. You have a lot of analytical work ahead of you, which requires time – analysing personal meetings and statistics. Thus, successful betting and successful betting management are related concepts that follow inseparably from each other.

By correctly approaching the analysis and, as a consequence, the forecast, you can be sure that over a long period of time you will be able to come out in the plus side. Which, as a consequence, will allow you to increase the size of the bankroll and subsequently increase the amount of bets, earning more on the same championships. Not everything will not come at once, but with time – remember this!

How to Make a Profitable Bet

The most important thing is that you must be confident in the outcome of this or that event. Your confidence in the outcome is actually a winning ticket. Do not chase odds, do not make expresses. Singles and flat bets are nothing more than that. The size of the odds, on average, should vary from 1.6 to 1.75.

Let’s check our strategy in practice. Let’s assume that the time period reaches only 1 month, and the number of bets, at the same time, reaches the figure of 8. As already mentioned, the size of the odds (average) is 1.7. For each match you make the same size bet – for example, 10 dollars.

In this case, during the month the critical proportion of wins and losses is 4×4. That is, at least half of the bets made with the same odds must play.

It is much better if out of 8 bets made 5 will play and 3 will lose. This is an achievable result – for 8 bets you can lose only 3 times and get some minimal profit in the end.

Winning 6 times out of 2 you proportionally increase the size of your winnings. It is easy enough to calculate: $7*6=42. Two times you lose $10 each: $42-20=$22 profit.

If you managed to win 7 times out of 8 – this is a very impressive result. You have increased your bankroll by almost 40% (49-10=$39). However, do not get used to these figures – be prepared that at the start of the indicators will be more modest.

Your Profitable Strategy for Betting on Singles

The size of your bet should be strictly defined – no more than 10% of the total bankroll. No expresses – despite the increased odds in Parimatch BD, they are simply unprofitable.

Also, using this strategy, you should not forget about the need for complex analytical work. Select your bets, make correct predictions and look at the statistics of team meetings. Even when the predictions turn out to be wrong, this is no reason to ruin all the beginnings and run headlong into the expresses.

Be prepared to be stressed and don’t try to win back immediately – an express or half a bankroll in the body of a bet will not bring you the results you need. Losing should not scare you, you can afford to lose over a long period of time. Moreover, there will be defeats, even the most successful professionals can not do without them.

Final Thoughts

The strategy of betting on ordinaries plays a key role in achieving success in the world of sports betting. The main thing when playing at Parimatch Bangladesh is profitability over the long term. Keep a balance between the number of bets made, their quality, lost and won money – then you will definitely succeed. And if you still haven’t decided on the best place to bet, keep the Parimatch BD link up to date. Right from here you will be able to jump into the exciting world of betting and put the knowledge of One Bet a Day Strategy into practice. With the right approach, you are sure to succeed! Write in the comments what tactics do you use and does it work? How much do you earn with it? We will be interested!

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